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13-26 Men, all types.

(6 main characters and a chorus of your chosen size)


2 Hours or More


Flexible unit set, many locations

Art by Emily C.A. Snyder

Cockeye(D) is a dark tale of sexual harassment in Hollywood, in which a young actor accuses an older male director of molesting him when he was a teenager. When the director vows revenge, a searing cat-and-mouse game of manipulation and deception plays out between the two, set against a sexy new all-male adaptation of

"The Bacchae".

Public Reading with SFEAGLE Players, San Francisco

January 18, 2023


Public Reading as part of TOSOS'  Chesley/Chambers Reading Series,

May 13, 2018

First Public Reading as part of Turn to Flesh Productions' Proteus Project,

March 29, 2018

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