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Winner Best Play:

2015 UNFringed Festival

the Underpants Godot


Photo by Reiko Yanagi

The Underpants Godot is about a director who's surreptitiously rehearsing for an avant-garde production of “Waiting for Godot”, with the main characters played by hot dudes in their underpants instead of old men. A representative from the notoriously litigious
Samuel Beckett estate crashes a rehearsal to investigate and decide whether the performance should be allowed. The play is an hilarious meta-theatrical piece about the limits of adaptation and interpretation.

Finalist, NYIT Award Nominations, Outstanding Play and Outstanding Supporting Actor, New York Innovative Theatre Awards, 2017, Audience Choice, Best Play, The Secret Theatre, 2015

The play includes Nudity, Profanity, & 

Literary Criticism,  and is therefore NOT for children.

UG Arizona cover.jpg

2019 - Theatre Rhinoceros, San Francisco, CA
2018 - Nearly Naked Theatre, Phoenix, AZ
2016 -  The Secret Theatre, 2016, revived 2018
2015 Secret Theatre UNFringed Festival 

The Underpants Godot is a playful think-piece with a meta-theatrical structure that heightens the questions illuminated within the fiction...hits on the socio-political ramifications of stringent stipulations, particularly when playwrights nix shows that stray from specified (or "implied") race, gender, or sexuality. "

~Sarah Palay, Theatre is Easy

~ NY

"The Underpants Godot succeeds in meeting that task, as it is an intriguing look into the limits of personal interpretation of a well-known piece of drama while also being a compelling case for the defense of the author's original intent.

~ Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway

(Arizona production)


Featured in Smith & Kraus' Best Men's Monologues 2016

 "Named Best Play in the Secret Theater’s 2015 UNFringed Festival, it is at once a farcical look at the theater business, an examination of the problems involved in reinterpreting an author’s work and a look at how sexuality influences the way we look at art."

~Steve Barnes, Queens Times-Ledger 

Arizona Cast - Photos by Damon Dering

underpants godot sf cast.jpg

San Francisco Cast

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