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Living Radio

Occasional Contributor to Co-Op Theatre East’s now-Monthly live radio play series, new ten-minute radio plays inspired by current news stories and written in 3 days.

All recordings available on Co-Op’s site: 

2014 The Klagborn Vote, or Mary and Agnes, 

2018 Do You Think?

2019 Crazy Pitching Caucasians, The Boffo Challenge, Do This Don’t do That,

Rue for You, U.S., Eh?

2020 Christmas Isthmus

NY Sign

New York Madness

Occasional contributor to ongoing themed reading series; new plays written for them in one week

2015 Against Humanity

2015 #NoNoMedea

2018 Press

2019 Schrodinger’s Kiss


Love Drunk

Occasional contributor to Reign or Shine productions’ reading series, two new plays inspired by found photos, written in 1 month.

2016 The Hole and That Hat

2017 Perspective* and Swing

* adapted into a short film by Helen Abell

2018 Soldier Boi, or The World Has Turned and Left Me Here and

Elbow Elbow Wrist Wrist

2019 Gummi Bears, or Things Like That Don’t Happen to People Like Us and

Late to the Party

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