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Image by Eric Krull

Nik & Jayne Are

NOt The Same

Written & Directed by Duncan Pflaster

design by Lauren Milberger

A Comic Science Fiction Lesbian Drama

"It's about Cloning. It's about Lesbians.

...But not about cloning lesbians"


Marina, a lesbian, is hired to teach newly hatched clones to read and write, so they might give consent to be harvested for their organs. Her male boss falls in love with her, as her lover Wendy and her Gay vegan friends question her morals. She grows to love the clones, and attempts to keep them from being killed.


2002 Spotlight On Festival Cast:

Clara Barton Green, Rebecca Rosen, Kathleen Morgo Collins*, Jason Specland, Marc Geller*, Joe MacDougall*, Jett Reed Canary*, Slade Decker

* indicates member of Actors' Equity Association

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