FIVE min Plays

Lady in Waiting

1m, 1w

A knight comes to rescue a princess from a dragon, only to discover she's not that keen on being rescued. In iambic pentameter, and with room for an awesome sword-fight.

2017 Staged Reading, Turn to Flesh Productions

2013 Reading, Ticket 2 Eternity Productions

Bill’s Threesome


As his husband is making out with a younger man, Bill goes on a lengthy monologue about Bear culture and his attraction to non-mainstream men.

2011 Fresh Fruit Erotic Cabaret – Winner Fruits of Distinction Award

The Fugly Train

2w,1 voice

Two young women are riding the subway, and realize they are the prettiest ones on the train. ...or are they? 

2014 Modern-Day Griot Theatre Company
2010 Minnesota Shorts festival - taped for television "Playhouse Off 90".
2008 Small Pond Entertainment
2007 Artifactions’ “Act One” Salon

Not in Those Shoes

2m, 2w

Two guys are talking about footwear and impressing girls when the actors are taken over by aliens.

2011 Spooky Pflasterpieces (Fresh Fruit)

2010 JustASK Productions