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Written and Directed by Duncan Pflaster

in The Secret Theatre's UNFringed Festival

The lives of suburban married couple Mariah and Steven are thrown into chaos when Irma, Mariah's best friend from high school, presumed dead, shows up out of nowhere. Her badass style clashes with their settled existence, but is perfectly in line with Steven's douchebag gym friend Lenny. An intended antidote to testosterone-heavy Mamet/Rapp/LaBute style plays.


Starring: P. Case Aiken III, Eric Hedlund, Heather Lee Rogers,

Morgan Zipf-Meister


Fight/Intimacy Coordinator: Emily Edwards

Stage Manager: Krystal K.C. Wilson



Play includes nudity and sexual situations and is not for children under 16.

"The writing and directing in The Douchegirl Play are a class apart.  Yes, there are some semi-nude moments which Duncan Pflaster does so well. These are rounded out with Shakespeare references and show tune snippets which remind one of what is considered respectable human behavior.

 ~Edmond Malin, Theatre Is Easy

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