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A sequel to William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night; due to Malvolio scheming with Sir Andrew and Antonio the pirate, Viola's female clothes have disappeared and Orsino won't admit she's a woman till they're found, Sir Toby suspects Maria of recent infidelity with Sebastian, and Olivia's once again depressed. So Viola and Sebastian switch places once again, this time on purpose. A Queer take on the Happily Ever After ending of the original play.

July 2019 Reading with Turn to Flesh Productions 

Directed by Chris Rivera, Starring: Paul Battiato, Fahim Hamid, Bob Leeds, Susan Ly, Steven Martin, Kathleen O'Neal, Joe Ottavi-Perez, Joe Raik, Chris Rivera, Andrew Rix, Regina Russell, and Matthew Dean Wood 

Malvolio's Revenge 01.jpg

Photo by Lisa LaGrande

 L-R: Steven Martin, Joe Ottavi-Perez, Paul Battaito, Joe Raik, and Bob Leeds

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