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When Romaine and Jeff meet some fun and crazy folks who run a late-nite coffee house, they never suspect that they're actually vampires. Rather than being devoured, Romaine's cunning captures the imagination of Elvis, the leader of the group - will they be the victims of the political schemes of the undead, or will Romaine become their Vampire Queen?

Suckers Photo 2.jpg
Suckers Photo.jpg

: Paula Galloway and Shawn McLaughlin


Eric C. Bailey*, Katherine Damigos, Joe Fanelli, Paula Galloway, Rebecca Hirota, Shawn McLaughlin, Alan McNaney*, and Jared Morgenstern

* Indicates member of Actor's Equity Association

Fight Choreography: Christopher C. Cariker. Costume Design: Mark Richard Caswell,


 L-R: Rebecca Hirota, Alan McNaney, Shawn McLaughlin, Eric C. Bailey, and

Joseph Fanelli

Photos by  J. Specland Photography.

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