Cockeye(D) is a dark tale of sexual harassment in Hollywood, in which a young actor accuses an older male director of molesting him when he was a teenager. When the director vows revenge, a searing cat-and-mouse game of manipulation and deception plays out between the two, set against a sexy new all-male adaptation of "The Bacchae".

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In 2011, the day after Bin Laden is killed, a computer engineer named Alberto reveals to an actress/waitress who he meets in a bar that he's been in hiding in Boca Raton since getting a call the night before 9/11 telling him not to go into work at the towers the next day; the two begin an affair complicated by the presence of ALBA, the artificial intelligence which Alberto took from his company and which may soon be becoming sentient. Meanwhile, back in New York, Alejandro, a playwright, is working on his first screenplay, a science fiction piece about The Singularity, and having trouble dealing with executive meddling.


The lives of suburban married couple Mariah and Steven are thrown into chaos when Irma, Mariah's best friend from high school, presumed dead, shows up out of nowhere. Her badass style clashes with their settled existence, but is perfectly in line with Steven's douchebag gym friend Lenny. An intended antidote to testosterone-heavy Mamet/Rapp/LaBute style plays.

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A sequel to William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night; due to Malvolio scheming with Sir Andrew and Antonio the pirate, Viola's female clothes have disappeared and Orsino won't admit she's a woman till they're found, Sir Toby suspects Maria of recent infidelity with Sebastian, and Olivia's once again depressed. So Viola and Sebastian switch places once again, this time on purpose. A Queer take on the Happily Ever After ending of the original play.

In a small country newly taken over by a dictator, filmmaker Dina Kummerspeck has been taken by the government and tortured for making supposedly seditious films. Now returned home under house arrest with an electric shackle on her ankle, she and her husband Tomas invite over their actor friends for a cocktail party, but unbeknownst to them, it's going to be a secret reading of Dina's new screenplay loosely based on her torture. Fact and fiction collide as the actors switch between acting out her words and commenting on the art of it.


The Underpants Godot is about a director who's surreptitiously rehearsing for an avant-garde production of “Waiting for Godot”, with the main characters played by hot dudes in their underpants instead of old men. A representative from the notoriously litigious
Samuel Beckett estate crashes a rehearsal to investigate and decide whether the performance should be allowed. The play is an hilarious meta-theatrical piece about the limits of adaptation and interpretation.

The Princess Dandelion dresses as a boy in order to escape her rapist and would-be husband, along the way falling in love with another princess, and traveling through her society, meeting nuns, soldiers, and clowns, and all the time her pregnancy continues, the impending birth complicating everything. Written entirely in iambic pentameter and full of Shakespearean tropes and double entendres. All 29 parts of men and women will be played by ten women.

When Blanca invites Paul to her ranch in New Mexico for the Summer, he thinks it's for an artist's retreat, but it's also to help keep his gay bromantic college buddy Alonso, Blanca's brother, on his medication. Tormented painters, sexual obsession, and crossed boundaries combine for a scorching new play.

Adrian and Javier are a gay couple who don't believe in marriage- but everyone assumes they're married. When they realize they've never actually opened up their "open relationship", they decide to each go out and get laid, with hilarious and erotic results. The play is an entertaining send-up of modern Gay life and relationships that tackles drug use, Dan Savage, racism, showtunes, porn, Grindr, public sex, and much much more...

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A woman, spurned in love, finds a deserted island and sets herself up as
The Empress Salacia, decreeing that there shall be no love allowed in her domain, only sex. She gathers some sybaritic acolytes, and all is frolicsome mindless fun until Salacia's ex-lover Agis comes to the island in disguise, to attempt to win her back.

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When a young man starts dating a guy 10 years older, his mother tries to be accepting, until she discovers she has more than one reason to be wary of her son's new boyfriend. A powerful and provocative play that challenges what we think we know about love.

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It's about Luisa Lambert, an independent filmmaker, and the two men she's in love with: Brad, the handsome young actor who appears shirtless in all her movies, and Thomas, her solid and well-meaning husband. Meanwhile, TV Film Critic Roberta LeFay seems to have it in for Luisa's new circus movie Ricky the Geek, which stars Brad, who is set to be a breakout movie star with a new role in a Spielberg film.

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The Princess Dandelion dresses as a boy in order to escape her rapist and would-be husband, along the way falling in love with another princess, and traveling through her society, meeting nuns, soldiers, and clowns, and all the time her pregnancy continues, the impending birth complicating everything. Written entirely in iambic pentameter and full of Shakespearean tropes and double entendres. All 29 parts of men and women will be played by ten women.

A play written in the style of Anton Chekov, set on a Starship in the year 3047.A diplomatic mission brings a professor and his lovely alien wife and faithful doctor aboard the Starship Astrov, where unspoken love and misunderstandings abound between the ship's crew and the guests. As times adapt, will the future change us, or will humanity stay the same at heart?


When Romaine and Jeff meet some fun and crazy folks who run a late-nite coffee house, they never suspect that they're actually vampires. Rather than being devoured, Romaine's cunning captures the imagination of Elvis, the leader of the group - will they be the victims of the political schemes of the undead, or will Romaine become their Vampire Queen


A zen exploration of the gap between truth and convenient fictions that employs the known facts about General Tomoyuki Yamashita and his legendary gold to illuminate the tangled love lives of four disaffected New Yorkers- Calvin Kanayama, a Japanese-American man with a passion for Star Trek, his girlfriend Debbie Goldberg, a Jewish woman who loves to taunt her family by dating the goyim, her roommate Sean O'Connell, a homo who's trying not to date straight men anymore, and his fag hag Tara Eaton, a WASP model who's sporadically studying astrology and Buddhism.


When good King Kartoffelpuffen gives up his kingdom to his oldest son Tater and marries off his other children for peace (and for political gain), Prince Trevor, his youngest son, trades places with his manservant Grumbelino in order to escape his fate and find his true love, Toby the stable boy.
Meanwhile, will Princess Lana find love with King Soignée of the Blind Sybarites, or will she continue pining for Geoffrey, her lost love?
Will Grumbelino make friends with his new wife Queen Bluebella of Chryselephantinople and her harem of eunuchs, or will he foolishly poke his nose into the Forbidden Ballroom?
Can anyone keep King Tater from starting a new war and destroying all their Kingdoms?
Are the rumored Elephants of Style more than just a fable?
Find out in Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants!

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When Josh invites all his friends over to watch him propose to his girlfriend Chaminade,

it causes friction with their Gay friends Ritchie and Dominic, as well as with their friend Veronica,

who spitefully marries a random Middle-Eastern man in a quickie Las Vegas wedding.


When Eleven diverse people come separately to a secluded beach looking for a rumored fountain of youth, they find more than they bargained for. Duncan Pflaster's entertaining and provocative new play Eternity: Time Without End explores topical issues of community, homosexuality, childhood, innocence, and sacrifice. A cast of 12 performers share a stage in an acting tour-de-force that is also a fascinating trip through the evolution of language.


Berenice is dissatisfied with her life and looking for answers in mysticism. When she begins having out-of-body experiences at a cocktail party hosted by her husband's Gay brother and his lover, she takes the opportunity to explore several parallel universes, encountering all of her friends in wildly different worlds and circumstances.

Inventors, Sports Figures, Jews, Homos, Witches, Masochists, Nazis, Clowns: Who do you want to be today?


Marina, a lesbian, is hired to teach newly hatched clones to read and write, so they might give consent to be harvested for their organs. Her male boss falls in love with her, as her lover Wendy and her Gay vegan friends question her morals. She grows to love the clones, and attempts to keep them from being killed.

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The legends of Greek mythology are brought back to life in Duncan Pflaster's two-act play, Amazing Dædalus. The fearsome Minotaur, who is not a monster, but an over-grown child named Andrew, is the unknowing center of a terrific play with a dark humorous slant. Andrew lives in the Labyrinth with Dædalus and Icarus, Dædalus's son. They also encounter Pasiphæ - the dethroned queen of Crete, and Andrew's Mother; Flutterby, Dædalus's scientific creation; and Theseus - A Hero, Son of the King of Athens, who has been sent into the Labyrinth with the heroic and noble task of killing the Minotaur. Amazing Dædalus is a delighful homage to Ancient Greek Mythology as well as being an entertaining and provocative evening of theatre.