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Longer Than Ten Mins

Woman with Suitcases

Falling Behind

4w, 1m 

Commissioned by MTWorks for ReWorks Festival: The Fabulous 80s!

30-minute dramatic piece - In two separate but interlocking and overlapping scenes, two teenage girls reckon with one of them taking a suitcase and running away to chase her dreams of being a rock star; a middle-aged woman meets up with her old friend who disappeared and became a rock star.

Inspired by Cyndi Lauper’s “Time after Time”.

2014 MTWorks 
2015 Reading MidCity Productions

Civil Partnership

Six Silences in Three Movements

3m. 1w

A half-hour experimental piece about a gay and a straight couple who never say what they mean, even when two men from each couple are secretly sleeping with each other.

2015 The Brick – F*ckfest

2011 Manhattan Repertory Theatre

2009 Workshop - Theatre of the Cross-Eyed Bear - Promo video

Image by Robert Thiemann

Pleased as Man with Man to Dwell

5m, 1w

An alternative view of the Nativity story, following two gay shepherds who see a vision of an angel and follow a star in the sky to Bethlehem, leading them to question what they know about the world.

2018 Lafayette Salon Reading – Christmas Pflasterpieces

2010 reading, Fresh Fruit Festival

Pink Wedding Cake

Patrick and Lisa’s Wedding


When a woman is invited to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, she and her lesbian gal-pal go hide out in a back room till the dancing is over… until the new bride bursts in on them, in tears.

2011 Manhattan Repertory Theatre Fall Festival

2009 StageRight Productions

2008 Hudson County One-Acts Festival 

2005 12 Angriest Women Series

Colorful Dreidel

The Goose is Getting Fat

3m, 2w

Over dinner, a sister breaks it to her brother that instead of coming home for Christmas, she’ll be going to her Jewish Boyfriend’s family’s place for Hanukkah.

2018 Lafayette Salon
2011 Spooky Pflasterpieces (Fresh Fruit)
2010 Digable Arts Festival
2009 World Audience, Inc. Winner- Audience Favorite

Image by Pro Church Media

The Questions of the Queen

3m, 2w + additional minor roles

A young and spoiled Queen of an unnamed fascist country addresses the nation on her daily talk show.

Commissioned by JustASK productions for evening of 3 plays in 2010 -

Anyone for a Swingin' Threesome?

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