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Ten min Plays



3 performers, any gender

Three bright college students in the far future are tired of the overdone entertainments of their day, and grope their way through rediscovering Theatre.

2023: Winner of Chameleon Theater Company's Ten-Minute Play Festival (staged reading)

2022: Act One: One Act Play Festival at the Secret Theatre in Queens (pictured)

2021: Zoom reading with Emily's Wine Box Players


one-acts pocket universe.jpg

Pocket universe

2m, 1w

Romantic Science Fiction about a scientist who creates a personalized universe for his male office crush.

2014: {your name here} Summer Shorts

2013 Reading, Ticket 2 Eternity Productions

2012: Vignettes for the Apocalypse, End Times Productions, 

Ringwald Theatre, Michigan Reading, {your name here} Productions

2010: Reading, Fresh Fruit One-Act Competition, 2010 Reading,

Cinder Block Theater Company


Published in Smith & Kraus’ Best New Ten-Minute Plays 2013.

Winner of the Independent Play(w)rights Ten Minute Play Contest

one-acts suggested donation.jpg

Suggested Donation

2m, 1W

At intermission of a play, a disgruntled audience member doesn’t want to pay for wine, as it's only a "suggested donation"

2021  Laramie County Community College, Wyoming

2018 Old Library Theatre, NJ 

2017 Secret Theatre LIC One-Act Festival

Disco Ball

New Lang Syne


Two old college buddies meet on the street on New Year’s Day; their lives have gone in very different directions since they last saw each other.

2018 Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institut


Bring Me Flesh & Bring me Wine

2m, 2w

On Christmas Eve, a grown-up Tiny Tim (who did NOT die), seeks to bestow the gift of eternal life on a homeless woman - did we mention Timothy is a vampire now?

2017 World Crime League, Minneapolis, MN

2013 Phoenix Theatre, Indianapolis, IA

2018 Lafayette Salon Reading – Christmas Pflasterpieces

Hold Thy Peace, Thou Knave.jpg

Hold Thy Peace, Thou Knave

3m, 2w

The backstage cast of a production of Twelfth Night freak out when their Sir Toby goes off-book

2009 Midtown International Theatre Festival 

2008 Small Pond Entertainment

2008 Spotlight On Productions

2011 Reading Spooky Pflasterpieces (Fresh Fruit)

2012 Reading, Shakespeare Saturdays

precious little snowflake 3V.jpg

Precious Little Snowflake

2m, 1w

A gay couple watch their young daughter open her Christmas Presents and end up arguing over gendered toys and if they have a responsibility to widen her horizons or keep her with girly toys.

2016 3 Voices Productions

2013 North By South Theatre, Glendale, CA

2018 Lafayette Salon Reading – Christmas Pflasterpieces

Image by Brett Jordan

Against Humanity

2m, 2w

A brother and sister playing Cards Against Humanity with their girlfriend and boyfriend get problematic.

Written for New York Madness - 2018 Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute


Cold Outside

1m, 1w

After a Christmas party, the Wolf tries to get the Mouse to stay and have another drink, baby.

2017 World Crime League, Minneapolis, MN 

2018 Lafayette Salon Reading – Christmas Pflasterpieces


Sunday Afternoon


On a lazy Sunday, a man reading a news story about a philandering preacher discovers his lover might know more about the preacher than he thought.

2013 Edmonds Driftwood Players Theater, 4th Annual Short Play Fest

Image by Michelle Cassar

The Dark Night of the Russet Rascal

4w (or 3w, 1m)

A lesbian superhero romp – Alice “Ace” McAllister is an intrepid reporter sent to interview billionaire playgirl Clarissa Zandt, not knowing that Clarissa may actually be superhero The Russet Rascal, and the supervillain The Spanglish Fly is on the loose!

2012 All Out Arts 10-minute play competition (3rd place winner)

2010 part of Clandestine¸ produced by NewGround Theatre Collective, Planet Connections

2009 Reading  NewGround Theatre Collective

2009 Phare Play 21-hour play festival

Mine or Yours.jpg

Mine or Yours

2m, 2w

A straight woman and gay man at a bar attempt to ascertain the orientation of a sexy stranger from context clues.

2011 Fresh Fruit 10-minute play competition (2nd place)

2011 “Untucked” F.A.C.T. 

2010 Michigan’s Stage Q’s Queer Shorts 5

2009 Where Eagles Dare Short Play Lab


What I Like


In a quick montage format, a gay man goes through his first 5 lovers, learning something new from each.

2014 SPF Festival – The Players Theatre
2009 Where Eagles Dare Short Play Lab





My Perfect Life

2w,  1m, 1 transwoman

When a woman goes to her high school reunion, she is tempted to assume another identity when choosing a name tag.

2013 Secret Theatre LIC One-Act Play Festival – Published in Secret Theatre Anthology
2010 Where Eagles Dare Short Play Lab 
2009 Phare Play 21-hour play festival

Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor

Prince Charming, Presented

Without Comment


A man deals with all the women in his life – his boss and an intern at work, a flirty woman at the bar, and his daughter and ex-wife at home.

2013 Undressing Cinderella, Middlebury College, VT

2013 Project Y New York New Playwright Festival

2009 Where Eagles Dare Short Play Lab

First to Fall Asleep.jpg

First to Fall Asleep


When a freshman falls asleep at a cast party, two seniors strip him and write on his body and take photos while discussing Abu Ghraib and man’s inhumanity to man.

2008 Small Pond Entertainment


Secret Santa

3m, 3w

At an office holiday party, a worker drone is annoyed by everything till he gets a winning lottery ticket from his office Secret Santa

2018 Lafayette Salon Reading – Christmas Pflasterpieces

2012 NSFW: The Office Plays, Obsidian Space (TX)

Photobooth Kiss

(they kiss)

2m, 2w

As they begin rehearsals for a new show, it begins to be clear that the playwright has cast a pretty woman in order to get to kiss her on stage.

2012 Secret Theatre One Act Factor

2010 Where Eagles Dare Short Play Lab

Image by Nick Fewings

Not for Love

2m, 2w

A man who’s just slept with a woman is subjected to her aggressive ex-boyfriend showing up and attempting to win her back, going to ridiculous lengths.

2015 Rising Sun Productions – 24 Hour Play

Image by Hans Vivek

Oh Dreamer,


In a coffee shop, a guy in a Batman shirt tells a guy in a Superman shirt that he doesn't want to sleep with him anymore. The other guy thought they were dating, but comes to realize it was only sexual... or was it?

2016 Boston Playwrights Theater, Open Theater Project’s “Slam Boston”

Doorway Light

9/10 of the Law

2m, 2w

A family traveling to sell their beef-scented perfume to Oprah stops off at a haunted hotel.

2011 Spooky Pflasterpieces (Fresh Fruit)

2010 Phare Play 21-hour play festival

Baby with Stethoscope

Fertility Choices

5m, 2w

At an unconventional sperm bank, a woman is presented with 5 options of guys in their underwear, ready to make love to her.

2014 Ticket 2 Eternity Productions

2010 Where Eagles Dare Short Play Lab

A - Russet One Act
A - Mine One Act

Living Radio!

Duncan often works with Living Radio, which does a monthly series of new short plays inspired by current events. The plays are performed live and also recorded as radio plays for posterity. You can listen at the link below!

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