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One Page Plays

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Your Favorite Things

1m, 1w

A man explains why “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music is NOT a Christmas song.

2019 Adapted into a short film by Lafayette Salon
2018 Lafayette Salon Reading – Christmas Pflasterpieces 
2010 Naked Aliens “Figgy Pudding” show
2009 Where Eagles Dare’s One Page Fest
2009 reading JustASK productions

Image by Calum Lewis

Say Something Shocking,

or The Spit-Take Play

1m, 1w

Two very British people surprise each other with shocking news, over tea.

2014 3Voices Theatre

2011 Spare Change Theatre Festival

2011 Act For Charity, PA

2011 Spooky Pflasterpieces (Fresh Fruit)

2010 Digable Arts Festival

2009 Where Eagles Dare One Page Fest

Image by Alessandro De Bellis

Men in Towels


In a gym sauna, a man expresses his paranoia about gay men using the sauna

for sex. But perhaps the lady doth protest too much.

2011 Fresh Fruit Erotic Cabaret 
2009 Where Eagles Dare One Page Fest

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