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Written by Duncan Pflaster, Conceived by Duncan Pflaster and Clara Barton Green

A new sequel to A Midsummer Night's Dream. It's Hallowe'en, three months after Midsummer. When Titania and Oberon need to pay their 7-yearly tithe to hell, they need to find a human soul to sacrifice. Puck's been ensorcelled by a witch so that he can't sleep, and there's a new Autumn fairy, Pumpkinseed, who is in love with that merry wanderer of the night. Meanwhile, Helena is pregnant, Demetrius thinks she's cheating, Lysander is exploring his feminine side, and Hermia is unsatisfied. Bottom has become a huge famous rich ass. Everyone goes into the forest, but will they all come back out?

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The Thyme of The Season premiered as part of the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity June 5th-28th, 2010. 

2010 Planet Connections Awards.

Duncan Plfaster - Outstanding Playwriting for an Adaptation, Revival or Sequel and 

 Outstanding Costume Design 

 Mark Richard Caswell - Outstanding Costume Design


The cast included Eric C. Bailey* as Bottom, Matt Falber as Demetrius, Clara Barton Green as Puck, Rebecca Hirota as Hermia, Tania Jeudy as Fairy Pumpkinseed, Shawn McLaughlin as Lysander, Ryan G. Metzger* as Oberon, Kelly Nichols as Helena, and Michelle Ramoni* as Titania

* Indicates member of Actors' Equity Association.

An Equity Approved Showcase.

Michelle Ramoni as Titania, Clara Barton Green as Puck

" A witty, edgy, and thoroughly entertaining return to Athens’ forest that does the original play justice....The dialogue simulates Shakespearean verse with the occasional hilarious veer into modern language...

If you're a fan of the original play, it would be a waste to miss this blast of a follow-up

Photos by J. Specland Photography.

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Original Cast

Katherine and Friends hosted an industry staged reading of the show on Monday, September 17th, 2007, with the following cast:

Patricia Comstock, Dana Dellamonica, Carlos Rafael Fernandez, Clara Barton Green, Tania Jeudy, Shawn McLaughlin, Ryan G. Metzger, Kelly Nichols, Luke Strandquist

There was a private reading of the script by Janus Productions in late March, 2007.

 ~Di Jayawickrema, Theatre Is Easy

Michelle Ramoni as Titania, Ryan G. Metzger as Oberon, Tania Jeudy as Pumpkinseed, and Clara Barton Green as Puck

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