The Naughty Jewish Boys Calendar

an unorthodox idea whose time has come


The Naughty Jewish Boys Calendar celebrates the unique beauty of men of Hebrew descent. Begun in 2015, after seeing some other “pin-up” calendars that featured Jewish men as humorous nebbish objects of ridicule, the Naughty Jewish Boys calendar has been publishing both a regular and extra-naughty edition every year since. 

The idea started after seeing a particularly attractive cashier at B&H, a Jewish-run camera store in New York City. Having seen some other pin-up calendars that humorously featured Jewish men as nebbishy objects of ridicule, I found myself longing for a bit more spice. In conversation with other friends who expressed a similar desire to see Jewish men regarded as sexy instead of merely as a good catch paycheck cuddle-buddy, the idea was truly born.

I posted an ad on Craigslist to see if any models might be interested, and to my surprise, thanks in part to a repost on, the simple ad went viral in just a week, being considered newsworthy everywhere from Heeb Magazine to The Times of Israel, to CBS News and a 3-page spread in The New York Post, and along the way raising provocative questions about Jewish Masculinity and Sexuality. 

We were overwhelmed with sexy models who lined up to pose, and soon the idea expanded to two calendars, one simply naughty featuring men shirtless and in their underwear, and one extra-naughty, not-for-the-synagogue edition with some brave dudes wearing nothing but a yarmulke and a smile.


These are pin-up calendars that are meant to be empowering, to show that Jewish Men have legit sex appeal. Many men have been thrilled to pose for the calendar over our six years in business, some calling it a dream they never thought would come true.

2021 calendars  now available!

2021 Regular Cover.jpg

This is the regular edition, which features our sexy male models in their underwear.

back cover 2021.jpg
2021 Extra-Naughty Cover.jpg

This is the EXTRA-NAUGHTY EDITION, which is uncensored and not safe for work, featuring  our models in various states of undress, from jockstraps to nothing but a yarmulke and a smile (or a kippah and a grin). 

extra naughty back cover 2021.jpg

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